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Lisa Sherman - Adoption and Fostering Agent in Ardmore, PA

The dogs shown here are at the shelter where they are in danger of being 
euthanized at any moment without notice.  A Dog's Place would love nothing 
more than to pull them to safety.  In order to make that happen however, we need folks to open up their hearts and homes to act as fosters.  There is no cost to fosters.  All you need to provide is love and guidance.  We provide the rest.

\​This gorgeous blue-eyed fellow is Ricky.  Ricky is an absolute sweetheart who unfortunately has been diagnosed with Demodex mange.  This is NOT contagious and can be easily be treated  This handsome guy is a real lover boy who loves to give kisses.  Won't you open up[ your heart and home to keep him safe.  Without help of a rescue he can be euthanized at any given moment without notice.

A New Plea from the shel

Puppy People,
Below are several of the cutest and sweetest older puppies waiting in the shelters for rescue placement. All of these babies are under one year old. They are happy, wiggly, and so fun, despite the environment they are in. These babies are at a critical age where they should be learning, training, and playing! They deserve to have their first chance at happiness and not spend the rest of their lives in the municipal shelter. Although they are just babies, they are still scheduled for euthanasia due to overcrowding at the shelter. They need out now. Would you have a place for one of these wiggly little pups?

Meet Jamie, the 6 month old terrier mix. This baby is still a tiny pup at just over 20lbs. She's sweet and friendly and loves to be held and played with. Although she's in the scary shelter, she still has so much sweet puppy innocence. We love her little egg-head and cute brown spots. This sweet girl deserves to find her forever home while she's still young. Can you help her find a family looking for a very good girl? Heartworm NEGATIVE.

Meet Skye, the 7 month old hound mix. She is quite a big baby at around 40lbs. This girl is quite scared at the shelter, but she has made some great doggy friends and is getting better every day. She is such a perfect big clumsy pup. Can you help this scared baby find her new home? Heartworm NEGATIVE. 

Meet Halifax, the 5 month old lab mix. This guy is a little shy and timid, but will shortly be right in your lap. They say that black dogs are often overlooked, but it is hard not to notice Halifax with that sweet face! We want to see this baby safe soon so he can blossom into the amazing playful pup we know he can be. Do you have a place for that sweet face?