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Lisa Sherman - Adoption and Fostering Agent in Ardmore, PA


Calling all dog lovers!  We will be attending the Fall Fest at Braxton's Animal Works located at 620 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087..  We are a small rescue loking to save more dogs. but wecan't do that without your help.  The more fosters we have the more precious lives we can save.  Do you have room in your home and heart to  foster one of our wonderful "babies"  There is no cost to you.  The only thing you need to
provide is love and guidance.  While we will have any adoptable dogs there we are really hoping to enlist fosters.  All the dogs we pull are from a non-profit organization in S. Carolina who work with two municipal
shelters that sadly euthanize for space.  The name of this is Pawmetto Lifeline.  Pawetto always has a list of urgent dogs.  These dogs have met or surpassed their scheduled euthanasia date and thus can be euthanized at 
any given moment without notics.  It is these dogs that we are devoted to.  Please join us at this event and help us spread the love!!!