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There for the life of your new best friend!


Lisa Sherman - Adoption and Fostering Agent in Ardmore, PA


Pickles:  This is an urgent plea for help  from a veterinarian

I am a new veterinarian in the Philadelphia area and I am in urgent need to rehome my wonderful dog, Pickles. My husband and I just had a new baby, and incredibly sadly, will be unable to keep Pickles due to the baby's severe allergy. I was hoping you could be of help or provide me with names of other rescues/contacts if you are unable to help at this time. We love Pickles with our full hearts and this is the hardest decision we've ever had to make. 
Pickles is a medium-sized (~42lbs) 3-year-old female spayed mixed breed dog (Carolina Hound mix - pictures attached) who is in perfect health and has been very well cared for. We originally adopted through a rescue about 2 years ago. Pickles is house trained, crate trained, and knows a variety of commands. She can be a total couch potato and just sit on the couch with you for hours a day, but she also is a sturdy hiker and loves to go on long walks. She also gives LOTS of kisses!
Pickles does have some classic rescue-dog anxiety, which we manage well with training and some daily anti-anxiety medication. She takes a while to warm up to strangers and other dogs, but when she does she is the most joyful and fantastic girl! She would do best in a home without cats or small children due to her anxiety. 
I will follow up this email with a phone call. I am sure you know this is the worst decision to have to make, but unfortunately we have no choice. I am attaching a few pictures of Pickles to this email.

We received an urgent plea from a wonderful woman in South Carolina.  She had an amazing female Pitbull show up in her yard and she couldn't say enough wonderful 
things about sweet Bella.  Unfortunately this woman, Phyllis is unable to keep her and in her area Pitbulls have a particularly bad reputation.  Bella wants nothing more than to
be with her person.  She is totally dedicated.  Bella is young and was just spayed.  She will \
be arriving on Tuesday.  She was just spayed and unfortunately tested positive for 
heart worm.  We will be treating her once she arrives.  Her foster who is in Mercer County
New Jersey is investigatinv veterinarians who can perform the treatment.  Once we have
decided upon a vet we will be looking for donations to help defray the cost.  We will be
posting details once we decide on a vet and of course will be posting pictures.  Once we 
have the details we will be setting up a pay pal account where we hope you can dontate
directly to the vet for her care.  We will have those details once she arrives.  We would like
to thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!!!  Thank you all for being 
​fellow animal lovers!!!

Belle (Adopted!)
Belle is a beautiful beagle mix.  She is very petite and has made great strides since coming
to us.  When she first arrived she new nothing.  She was very timid, was not housetrained
and she has now come out of her shell quite.  She is still shy but is warming up to folks much more quickly.  She will let strangers pet her if your patient and she is now using pee pads and will eventually learn to potty outside.  She is currently in a foster home in NJ and  is totally in love with the foster, showering her with kisses.  Upon arriving Belle had no idea what toys were but now loves them and plays freely.  If you would like to meet Belle shoot us an email or give us a call at 484-800-2055.  Belle will be waiting to hear from you and we will be posting photos soon. 

  1. Daisy - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Daisy - Adopted
    She is a healthy 9 year old, 50 lb. Black and Tan Coon Hound. (Her life was spent on the end of a chain.) Her socialization is improving and is a beautiful, very loving girl. NOT GOOD WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. Adoption fee may be waived for the right home for this pretty girl.
  2. Pepper - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Pepper - Adopted
    Pepper is as close to perfect as a dog can be. Not only is she gorgeous , but she is a total lover. She is great with other dogs and kids. In her current foster home she goes to comfort the young children when they are upset. She LOVED the foster kittens. They came to her and she picked them up and nuzzled them. Also has been great in doggie daycare.
  3. Sunshine - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Sunshine - Adopted
    This girl is currently homed with A Dog's Place Rescue agent, Lisa Sherman. May be available for the right home.
  4. Cooper - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Cooper - Adopted
    Cooper is an exceptionally handsome year old, 90 lb. pup with a wonderful temperament! His foster over the holiday remarked that he is truly a fabulous boy. She had fallen in love with his gentle, loving nature...He hadn’t had much training but has a true willingness to learn and that he will surely make someone a fabulous companion. He would be happiest in a home with another dog. If you are interested in this amazing soul, Cooper will be anxiously awaiting your call!
  5. Bentley - Adopted
    Bentley - Adopted
    Isn't he beautiful? This one and a half year old male brindle coonhound was just adopted!
  6. Zach - A Dog's Place Rescue PA
    Jack - Adopted
    Jack, a handsome shepherd/hound mix, has been in one of our foster homes recuperating from Heartworm treatments. This very happy 2 year old is a lotta dog in a small package! He is heartworm-free and doing really well now, off-leash, to play and run again with friends. Jack's new owner loves him. And he is loving his new owner and his new life!
  7. Chyna - Adopted
    Chyna - Adopted
    Love Rotties? Meet Chyna, a beautiful one year old Rottweiler in need of a new home. She is waiting to find you, a person who is seeking her companionship. She is a real sweetie, spayed and Up to Date on shots.
  8. Hannah - Adopted
    Hannah - Adopted
    Many inquired about Hannah. She is a loving companion who smiles when she sees you, loves to cuddle, has impeccable manners and listens to your every word. At 5 years old, she found a forever home with an active caring successful man, who gets along very well with both dogs and two cats, She will be taking long walks through the woods with her new companions every day on a beautiful Chester County Farm. Congratulations to her new owner and to Hannah!
  9. Ellis-Adopted
    Just in from Tennessee! Ellis arrived on the east coast on May 16 and is in a foster home in Unionv,ille PA. What a nice dog!. So pretty... easy to work with at 1 year old. please inqiuire. we are learning more about him every day!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely, for that one dog, the world will change FOREVER!

Our adoption process is quite simple: 
There is a list of open ended ownership questions  we ask, generally, over the phone. It takes about 10 minutes.  Once you are approved for the process, you meet the dog you are interested in. Now that we all know eachother:
  1. Request and fill out an adoption application. 
  2. Application must be signed by A DOG'S PLACE agent for adoption finalization.
  3. Take your dog home!

We want to insure that all parties are happy, both adopters and dogs.
Trial period is usually two weeks.