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Lisa Sherman - Adoption and Fostering Agent in Ardmore, PA
  1. Daisy - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Daisy - Adopted
    She is a healthy 9 year old, 50 lb. Black and Tan Coon Hound. (Her life was spent on the end of a chain.) Her socialization is improving and is a beautiful, very loving girl. NOT GOOD WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. Adoption fee may be waived for the right home for this pretty girl.
  2. Pepper - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Pepper - Adopted
    Pepper is as close to perfect as a dog can be. Not only is she gorgeous , but she is a total lover. She is great with other dogs and kids. In her current foster home she goes to comfort the young children when they are upset. She LOVED the foster kittens. They came to her and she picked them up and nuzzled them. Also has been great in doggie daycare.
  3. Sunshine - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Sunshine - Adopted
    This girl is currently homed with A Dog's Place Rescue agent, Lisa Sherman. May be available for the right home.
  4. Cooper - A Dogs Place Rescue PA
    Cooper - Adopted
    Cooper is an exceptionally handsome year old, 90 lb. pup with a wonderful temperament! His foster over the holiday remarked that he is truly a fabulous boy. She had fallen in love with his gentle, loving nature...He hadn’t had much training but has a true willingness to learn and that he will surely make someone a fabulous companion. He would be happiest in a home with another dog. If you are interested in this amazing soul, Cooper will be anxiously awaiting your call!
  5. Bentley - Adopted
    Bentley - Adopted
    Isn't he beautiful? This one and a half year old male brindle coonhound was just adopted!
  6. Zach - A Dog's Place Rescue PA
    Jack - Adopted
    Jack, a handsome shepherd/hound mix, has been in one of our foster homes recuperating from Heartworm treatments. This very happy 2 year old is a lotta dog in a small package! He is heartworm-free and doing really well now, off-leash, to play and run again with friends. Jack's new owner loves him. And he is loving his new owner and his new life!
  7. Chyna - Adopted
    Chyna - Adopted
    Love Rotties? Meet Chyna, a beautiful one year old Rottweiler in need of a new home. She is waiting to find you, a person who is seeking her companionship. She is a real sweetie, spayed and Up to Date on shots.
  8. Hannah - Adopted
    Hannah - Adopted
    Many inquired about Hannah. She is a loving companion who smiles when she sees you, loves to cuddle, has impeccable manners and listens to your every word. At 5 years old, she found a forever home with an active caring successful man, who gets along very well with both dogs and two cats, She will be taking long walks through the woods with her new companions every day on a beautiful Chester County Farm. Congratulations to her new owner and to Hannah!
  9. Ellis-Adopted
    Just in from Tennessee! Ellis arrived on the east coast on May 16 and is in a foster home in Unionv,ille PA. What a nice dog!. So pretty... easy to work with at 1 year old. please inqiuire. we are learning more about him every day!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely, for that one dog, the world will change FOREVER!

Our adoption process is quite simple: 
There is a list of open ended ownership questions  we ask, generally, over the phone. It takes about 10 minutes.  Once you are approved for the process, you meet the dog you are interested in. Now that we all know eachother:
  1. Request and fill out an adoption application. 
  2. Application must be signed by A DOG'S PLACE agent for adoption finalization.
  3. Take your dog home!

We want to insure that all parties are happy, both adopters and dogs.
Trial period is usually two weeks. 

We will be getting 2 pups 1/25/2020 so stay tuned for pics and bios!!

Cora is a sweet, calm lab mix who is good with other dogs and people.  She is young at 2 years old and tips the scale at 45 pounds.  Poor Cora was surrendered to the shelter and for the life of her Cora has no idea why.  She was super stressed at the shelter (who wouldn't be?) so stressed in fact that she lost about 10 pounds,  Now however she will be
leaving that life behind her and searching for a new loving forever home where she can show her person or persons just what a wonderful dog she is and is sure to make it worth your while to have taken her in to your home. 

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Sonya - Adopted
Sonya is an amazing dog. She's 3 years old, medium-sized with a calm demeanor.  She's sweet, trusting and a lover! An irregular heartbeat was discovered recently, sealing her fate with the shelter - even if a spot opens up on their Adoption Row, she will NOT be selected.  This amazing girl will be euthanized for space at any time.  She certainly shouldn't be in this predicament!  She deserves a chance at a long, happy life.  The avove text was an urgent plea to save Sonya and we are pleased to say that our rescue stepped up to the plate to save her.  The best news is that when she left the shelter and was vetted, the vet did not see any signs of an irregular heartbeat and she was spayed with no issues..
Wont you be her hero and take her into your heart and home where she can blossom and show you just what an amazing girl she is???  If interested in meeting this beautiful girl give us a call at 484-800-2055 or email us at  Sonya will be waiting to hear from you!


Calling all BIG DOG LOVERS.  Meet the fabulous George, a Lab/Basset mix who is 5 years of age.  This most handsome 
fellow is one big boy but he's 100% love!  This boy is just as sweet and calm as they come   So if you're in the market for a huge
teddy bear that you can snuggle with or use as a comfy pillow then Goerge is your man!  If you would like to meet this big 
hunk of love then shoot us an email at  George will be arriving at the end of the month and will
​be waiting to hear from you!


Calling all BIG DOG  LOVERS!!  Meet the fabulous George.  This most hansome fellow is one big boyat 61 pounds but he's 100%  love.  George is 5 years of age and as calm at sweet as he can be.  If you're in the marget for a big teddy bear that you can snuggle with and one that serves as a great pillow then George is your man!  He will be arriving at the end of August and will be waiting to meet you!!  If you are interested in meeting him then give us a call at 484-800-2055 or email us at

Penelope is another wonderful girl.  She is two and a half years of age, super sweet and great with other dogs.  Wouldn't you love to make her part of  your family/  If so we'd love to hear fron you!