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Lisa Sherman - Adoption and Fostering Agent in Ardmore, PA


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”



Hello and welcome to our site.  We are a rescue group dedicated to saving dogs from the south where far too often they are treated like yesterdays garbage. ​​

All our dogs are temperament tested, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, given bordatella and dewormed prior to transpabout the animals in their care.  The shelters we pull from are wonderful!  We have found them to be truly caring individuals and very honest.

We are now an official 501(c)(3) non profit rescue.   What does this mean for you?  It means that
all donations (including adoption fees are tax deductable!!

Our motto is "There for the life of your new best friend"  We do not believe our job is done once one of our dogs goes to its new home.  We are there for the life of your new family member!  Should you have any questions or concerns we are there for you
to offer advice and suggestions.  Should at anytime in your new family member's life you decide you can no longer care for them,we will welcome them back with open arms regardless of their age.  We are determined that all parties, human and dogs alike are happy and will do whatever necessary to make that a reality

UPDATE:  we have been approved by 

We as a rescue believe it is our duty to help those dogs most in need.  To that end we have applied to
become a rescue partner with Pawmetto Lifeline, another 501(c)(3) group which works with 
municipal shelters in South Carolina to post and advertise those dogs who have either reached or
passed there date for euthanasia.  These dogs are truly urgent.  They can be put down at any time
without notice.  Sadly, these municipal shelters euthanize for space.  It would be an honor and 
privelege to get approved as a rescue partner with this organization.  While all dogs in shelters
need to find wonderful, forever homes we we feel that partnering with this group is truly what
rescue is all about and hope you agree.

We have been approved by Pawmetto Lifeline and will be recieving our first two dogs Cora and Sonia,from them on June 29th.We couldn't be more thrilled!  Check back for their postings!

 It is well known that having a dog is very beneficial to people and this is no less true for seniors.  Not only are they loving companions but they also help in other ways.  Here is a link that discusses the benefits of dogs for seniors. If you are a senior or have a best friend or family member that is a senior and you think having a new best friend   would benefit them, both physically and emothonally then contact us and we will find that person a new best friend at a greatly reduced price!